7 Steps to Viewing Victory

We’ve all heard it before, some more often than others… “Oh my, what were they thinking?!!” The shrill cries of the potential purchasers on the generic property programme on daytime television, sharp enough to pierce a permanent hole in the eardrum of any lowly estate agent, who didn’t share their knowledge of the cardinal sin with the vendors. Poor home, so ready to accommodate its new owners, all it needs is a little bit of love and a stamp of individuality… 


So, if there is only one gem of insider information that that we are able to acquire from the celebrity potential purchasers, that will be the catalyst of our success it is this… FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER.


“But a home is for living in” we hear you cry and, while we agree with this, in order for you to maximise your viewing victory and ultimately the speed and value of offers, your home needs to be immaculate, desirable and alluring. Follow our 7 stage plan to viewing victory, and be a step closer to showcasing a lifestyle, not just bricks and mortar.

1. Let there be light

How many times have you heard “wow, isn’t it lovely and dark in here?!”. Never? If your home isn’t inundated with natural sources of light, there are small changes you can make to deliver a big difference. Decorating in light colours, moving furniture, adding mirrors and transferring to glazed doors all have the ability to transform even the darkest rooms.


2. Clutter vs clinical

Declutter, declutter, declutter, but how far do we go? Have you ever walked into a dental surgery and thought, “hmm, I could really see myself living here”? Most people probably haven’t either. Go for the lived in look, ornaments, photos and other representations of daily life, but remove unnecessary rubbish. Show that the house has the potential to accommodate everyday living, with being neat, tidy and organised.


3. Storage space

Having witnessed our fair share of viewings over the years, its safe to say that one area that never fails to be overlooked is storage space. If you, as part of your viewing preparation, feel the temptation to sling an abundance of eclecticism in the under-stair cupboard, bear in mind that the viewer will most likely be exploring.


4. A sensory experience

Viewings aren’t just about the aesthetics and checking off a tick list of physical requirements; remember, a viewing surrounds selling a lifestyle.  Make your home viewing as appealing as possible, starting with as comfortable temperature. Appealing aromas help to set the scene with any fragrances being subtle and inoffensive and aimed towards the general market.


5. Incorporate your outdoor space

Whether you have a number of acres, a sizeable suburban patch, a terrace courtyard or a window box herb garden, take care to make these as appealing as possible. Tidy, multifunctional outdoor environments should showcase the potential that this space can offer, whether it includes al fresco dining, cultivation of food stocks or simply, a relaxing platform to enjoy the beauty of nature.


6. Deliver the kitchen wow factor

If you plan to make any investments prior to marketing your home, ensure you create the wow factor in the kitchen. While premium appliances, incorporated lighting and additional storage accessories that enhance the capabilities of your storage space probably won’t be on a list of requirements, their presence could give your property the winning edge!


7. Its showcase time

Ultimately, the most important result in marketing your property revolves around maximising your sale price and time to completion. Through making your home as desirable as possible to an array of potential buyers, you will increase your success rates. Ensuring all areas of your home are clean, tidy and organised will allow viewers to imagine a lifestyle; enhance this by placing beautiful accessories which also improve the fragrance of your home, such as flowers, open scented candles and reed diffusers. 




The marketing of your home takes time, perfection takes time - but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. 


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