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I am Adam Wheeldon, home sale strategist and owner of Addison Mead, an exclusive, bespoke estate agent specialising in the sale of quality property throughout Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire. Having sold hundreds of high calibre homes over the years, I am confident that my marketing techniques sell houses quicker, easier and for more money than all other agents.



If you decide to sell your home, these three questions may be on your mind:


1. When will it sell?


2. How much will it sell for?


3. How much effort will it be for me?


I have discovered from helping hundreds of homeowners, that the quicker your home sells, the higher price you will ultimately achieve. After all, nobody wants a house that nobody wants to buy. If a house sells in the first 12 weeks of going on the market, the chances of achieving a final sale price within 5% of the asking price is much higher which ultimately means less disruption for you and your family.


What stops a property selling quickly?

There is no one thing that stops a property from selling. However, if you ask most estate agents why a property isn’t selling, they will almost always cite too high an asking price as the main cause. They would suggest that if you drop the price enough, the house will sell. But that isn’t always true. With my experience, I know that how a property is presented and marketed can have a huge impact on whether or not a house sells.

It stands to reason then, that if your home isn’t professionally dressed to sell, and the marketing - photography, brochure, written description and promotion strategy - are not at 100%, then no one can really be sure what’s preventing your house from selling.


With an abundance of experience applying our creative marketing strategies to a plethora of homes, I am confident that once you have seen the benefits of my strategies, you will be in agreement that Addison Mead are the model agent to sell your home.

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