So you've decided to sell your home, but are you now wondering the best way in which to do it? 


Follow Addison Mead's planning pointers to ensure that your property is launched into the market successfully and sold achieving the best possible price within the optimum timescale.


Prepare your home

Avoid spending significant time and money on redecoration and refurbishments. View the sale as a financial transaction, with any money spent at this early stage being unlikely to add value to the property.

Listen to any constructive advice from your chosen agent on how to present your property. Your agent should work their way through the property, room by room, providing a comprehensive overview, that is appealing to the majority of buyers. Removing your attachment to the property and making a few subtle changes can make a tremendous difference to the overall result.

Now that your picture perfect, instruct a professional photographer. At Addison Mead, we only employ professional photographers to capture the essence of your home. If your chosen agent does not offer this service, I suggest sourcing it privately.

Choose your agent


Mystery Shop

Contact several potential agents either by phone, email or better still, in person. Question them on a property of similar style or value to your own, asking open questions to gauge their knowledge and passion for their portfolio. You should explore:

  • Knowledgeability. Have they been to visit the property, do they actually know their product, or are they simply reading the details from a computer screen?
  • Enthusiasm. Being eager to promote viewings would be a good indication as to how well they will promote your property.
  • Forward thinking. Do they take your contact details? If not, how are they going to contact you in the future with other suitable properties?
  • Curious. Do they ask you any questions to ascertain your requirements?
  • Pride, passion and prestige. Do they provide professionally printed property particulars?


Compare the results

Having mystery shopped a number of potential agents, compare the results and check their current stock:

  • Do they market properties on volume? If so, would you like to become just 'another client’?
  • Are they renowned for specialising in properties of a certain value or type? Or do they simply deal with anything and everything?
  • Do they deal in both sales and lettings? Or focus all their efforts solely on sales?
  • How do their photographs, brochures and general marketing compare?

Interview the agents

Having shortlisted, it’s time to invite two or three agents to interview within your home. Listen to your gut; do you like the agent? If not, then it is likely that others could be put off by the same personality traits.

Ask the following questions, taking into consideration their professionalism and knowledge.

  • What sets them apart from other agents?
  • How will their marketing and services differ from competitor agents?
  • Why should you instruct them instead of their competitor?

It is important to remember not to choose the agent that provides the highest valuation with the lowest fee. There are many agents out there who will quite happily tell potential clients what they would like to hear as opposed to what they need to know - after all do you wish to sell your home or simply advertise it?

Make sure you are not being tied into lengthy agreements - you should only instruct an agent on a 'no sale, no fee' basis, with no tie in period. This means that if the agent does not perform as promised, you can sever all ties immediately without incurring any costs.

Round up figures

With over 90% of property searches conducted online, it's imperative to ensure your home is found by the maximum number of buyers. Refrain from using psychological pricing; it is more beneficial to advertise at a rounded figure that sits in line with the property portal bandings. So instead of the traditional £399,999 - opt for £400,000 as this will maximise the number of people who see your property.

Then question your agent about how to attract the best possible offers by using either 'Offers In The Region Of' vs 'Offers In Excess Of'.

Insist on quality

You only have one chance to make the right first impression, so do not settle for anything less than perfect. Before you launch your home to the market check you are happy with:

  • Photography - do they portray quality and professionalism?
  • Floor plans - are they legible and drawn to scale, including outbuildings and garages?
  • Property particulars - are these printed professionally on laminated card or merely the office printer?
  • Have all the staff visited your home to ensure they fully understand what it is they're trying to sell?
  • Will your property be featured on Rightmove as a Premium Listing as standard?
  • Will your for sale board be located in a prominent position in order to gain maximum exposure?
  • Will your for sale board be used as a tool to market the chosen agents company or will it be a unique board displaying an image of your home? The latter would be ideal for those living along private roads or located far from the road.

Choose the right time of the week

  • Launch your home to the market on a Thursday or Friday, to generate weekend viewings.
  • The first four to six weeks are key to successful selling; research shows that any offers you receive during this time are more than likely to be the best you will ever get on your property.
  • In the current market, it is not unusual to receive viewing enquiries within a matter of hours from the property launch.

Spare keys

Have a spare set of keys cut in readiness for your chosen agent. Insist that it is only a senior member of staff whom accompanies all viewings - those agents who employ 'viewing men' are not office based but simply supplied with a number of keys, travelling from one property to the next, merely opening the front door for the prospective purchasers. A senior member of staff is far more likely to have a vested interest in agreeing a sale, and not to mention, a better understanding of the property (having likely written the brochure themselves).

From experience, viewers tend to feel more relaxed and spend more time viewing a property when accompanied by the agent. Viewers also tend to speak more openly about the subject property allowing us to overcome any initial queries or objections.

Sales Progression 

Often overlooked and neglected, it is important to check that your chosen agent has a dedicated sales progression team. The agent should utilise their wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure your property reaches completion, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Establishing the lower chain and the upper chain by way of liaising regularly with buyers, sellers, conveyancing teams and solicitors is time consuming and can quickly turn sour if not handled correctly. Therefore, it is essential to employ a representative with the ability to deal competently with all related parties.

Agents who understand the importance of managing sales progression have a much lower rate of sales ‘falling through’. This is largely since they are able to identify and remedy potential problems, quickly and efficiently, at an earlier stage.

Learning that your sales negotiator is incentivised should provide you with the confidence that they will benefit personally for maximising the sale price of your property. The most successful agents offer their staff bonuses based on performance - meaning bonuses will only be gained when exceeding certain targets. With a lot of agents promoting 'Offers In Excess' in the current market, check to see that if the sales negotiator does not exceed the advertised price whether or not they still receive a bonus. If so, where is their incentive to get the best possible price?

Planning to sell your home?

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