The importance of lifestyle photography


Should I ensure my property photos include lifestyle photographs? 


How do lifestyle photographs help to sell a home? 


What sort of lifestyle photos help sell houses?



You have probably all heard of ‘lifestyle’ photography, but do we all really know what it means?

Lifestyle photography is all about capturing the character and personality of the property in question; it’s about finding the ‘mood’ of a home and what it would be like to live there.  It is the art of bringing a home to life, capturing images that tell a story, have personality and inspire feelings and emotion.


Why is it necessary?

What is the first thing you see when looking for a property?  The answer is undoubtedly a photo!  The first impression is essential so why would any estate agent cut corners when it comes to photography?  It is surely the single most vital marketing tool we have.

These days, 99% of clients will be looking online……..trawling through what could be hundreds of different properties within their chosen price bracket………what will make your property stand out from the crowd?  The photography of course.

Emotions are the number one trigger when seeking a home and a good photo can truly speak a thousand words.  It’ s not an easy task; the professional photographer will take many factors into account to achieve the perfect photo, such as lighting, props, angle and composition.  They do far more than just ‘point and shoot’.


We believe strongly in professional lifestyle photography, and here is why….

•             Photographs are staged

An empty or poorly furnished home yields little emotion.  Your professional photographer knows how to get the best shots of each room, including some close-up lifestyle pictures.  They will use props to ‘stage’ their subject, for example, an outside coffee table might look better with a pot of coffee, a couple of mugs and perhaps a couple of plates each with a tempting croissant, and perhaps a rolled-up newspaper – this allows the potential buyers to imagine themselves there on a sunny morning, relaxing with a coffee.


•             Lighting and angles

The right lighting is the key to a great photo and a professional photographer will look for the angle in the room that maximises the natural light.  Some areas of a room may need extra lighting in order to show them at their best which will also be arranged by your photographer.  They will also decide from which angle the room looks its finest.


•             Photos taken at different times of the day and night

Sometimes a property looks completely different at night and may benefit from some night time shots which must be done professionally.  Twilight is a great time of day to capture a cosy atmosphere, with the lights on in the house and the gardens and exterior areas/views still visible.  If a particular room is flooded with natural sunlight, the photographer will want to pick up on this and visit the property on a sunny day so they can capture that ‘mood’ shot of the sunlight streaming through the window.  It might take 2 or 3 visits to get the portfolio of photos they need.


•             Create the perfect composition

Any good photo requires some time invested in creating the perfect composition……just like an oil painting.  The photographer might want to capture something in focus in the foreground, with the background softened and ‘blurred’.  These lifestyle shots are really effective and look amazing in brochures, for example, a close-up of a wine bottle with a couple of glasses on the coffee table in front of a roaring fire.


•             Editing and perfecting

Taking the photo is only half of the story – a professional photographer will take many more shots than are needed so they can then choose and carefully edit their final selection to perfection.  They will use specialist software to enhance colour and ensure the tones and brightness are spot on.  Only when they are 100% happy will they pass the photos on to the estate agent.


As you can see, professional photography is worth every penny – you only get one chance to make a first impression!