Unique Property Brochures


Addison Mead - Discerningly Different


We don’t sell properties at Addison Mead, we promote lifestyles, hopes and dreams for the future.

We understand that three bedrooms are not just bricks and mortar but space for new additions, rooms to accommodate family and friends, or special places to partake in your favourite hobby.

A lounge isn’t just somewhere that houses a television, it is your own personalised sanctuary, in which to shut off and unwind.

A kitchen is more than a place to prepare food, it is that hub of the home where secret family recipes and tips are passed down through the generations, and cuts and bumps are tended to.

This understanding forms the foundation of our passion; matching families, aspirations hopes and dreams, to perfect homes which are ready to host a storybook of memories.


Being an Addison Mead Exclusive client, your property brochure will convey quality. You will receive as standard:


  • a specialist designer to create a ‘lifestyle’ brochure, to appeal best to the target buyer
  • a visual ‘brand’ to elevate the status and highlight the individuality of your home
  • an award winning professional copywriter to describe the property beautifully
  • lifestyle/architectural photography to ensure the images really capture the essence of the property
  • skilfully drawn floorplans


Possessing a high quality, unique home, you will understand the importance of utilising a high quality, unique brochure to capture the attention of, and engage, the right audience.


Being the most expensive acquisition, a buyer will probably ever make, it is important to us that our marketing precis is able to communicate the excitement felt while showing friends and family the new purchase.


From this first step in the journey with Addison Mead, we will accompany you as you traverse the path from the, too often, cold, unhomely and unloved online portal, to the land of higher quality viewings, garnered through social and tactile engagement that only a lovingly created brochure can bring.