As creatures of habit, we find comfort in knowing that an individual or organisation possesses specialist knowledge in an area, which they have gained over time. For example, we would prefer a surgeon who has many years’ experience of carrying out operations, an electrician who has completed many jobs within homes and offices or a pilot who has flown many aircraft. So why would this thought pattern not apply when it comes to selling, potentially, your largest asset? But it does apply, which is why you are visiting my website!


The learning curve theory states that as a task is completed repeatedly, skill and efficiency is gained which leads to improved results; the skill and efficiency gained is otherwise known as experience. Here at Addison Mead, we have a combined total of over two decades of experience in marketing and selling homes- meaning, quite simply put, we know what works and what does not when marketing homes.


This leads us on to the worth of experience; would you not be dubious if an ‘expert’ was quoting a very cheap fee for their services? If something seems too good to be true, it usually is! The worth of anything boils down to what the buyer is willing to pay; for tangible items, the worth or value may be driven by aesthetics or the feel-good factor, but for intangible services, worth is measured by how well the buyer’s wants and needs are fulfilled. For somebody who wants to sell their house, these wants and needs are usually along the lines of marketing the house to its full potential, obtaining the best price for the house and selling the house within the optimum timeframe, and amongst these main ideologies are smaller details such as a bespoke marketing campaign, feedback from viewers and in most cases a well liaised chain of buyers and sellers. Many online agents and large chain Estate Agents will lure clients in using cheap fees and then convince them to manage a lot of the aforementioned house-selling processes by themselves, which we feel defeats the entire purpose of calling on the agents’ so-called expertise of marketing and selling the clients home.


We have seen many such cases over the years and witnessed first-hand how much frustration, stress and unhappiness can be caused, which is why at Addison Mead our expert sales progression team, by default, will look after what the experts should be looking after, meaning the process for you, will be smooth and stress free, allowing time for you to go about your day to day business as usual.


We pride ourselves in delivering expert service; so allow us to apply our abundance of experience and you can be reassured that the marketing and sale of your house is in more than capable hands.