Why we keep our portfolio more focussed

Why I keep my portfolio more focussed – PLUS one big reason you should meet me

Yesterday I was sat with one of our clients, we’d launched their large and unique home which has, shall we say, a thorn in its side.  I have just actioned 4, unique to Addison Mead, new marketing measures that will help attract the perfect buyer for this wonderful home.  Without keeping my portfolio at this size I wouldn’t have the time to really pinpoint areas to focus on and showcase this incredible home to its very best.  At the bottom, I’ll show you why I really am the very best estate agent in the area.

Addison Mead has organically grown to attract and help the very best clients move.  Our client care, company and individual values mean that we have to do our very best for every client I agree to take on. 

So what are the benefits of working with me?  Why do I keep my portfolio so much more focussed?




Marketing encompasses so much more than you would think.  From staging, to getting the very best shot, at the very best time, with the very best professional.  To write up the most compelling description that not only grabs attention but converts that attention to get a result!




Let’s say your home is unique, perhaps even a little quirky, or has been on the market for a while with another agent.  Being able to identify the factors preventing a sale, enables us to overcome these silent objections. Better still, seeing them first.  A truly bespoke service enables us to clearly show you what results we are seeing, shows us exactly how we can get the result you really want.  It’s all about the numbers!  Team this with the marketing and you’ll have an explosive combination.



Time for you

We value you.  We want to spend as much time in the office as possible actively working to get your home sold.  Because we keep our portfolio exclusive it means that we can spend time letting you know what we are doing, asking the right questions and doing what we can to keep your mind at rest during the marketing and sale of your property.  We have the time to get to know you and your property.  You can pop in whenever you like! 


7 hour rule

Have you ever heard of this?  The seven-hour rule is pretty important.  Did you know it takes 7 hours for someone to make an important decision?  Purchases such as a new kitchen/new home/ or even a new car take someone on average 7 hours to make that decision.

Think about the last new car you bought.  Chances are, you’ll have discussed it with someone, visited the showroom, spent time test driving this and a few others, thought about finance or cost implications, did a little research, checked you couldn’t find a better deal, went back for another talk with the dealer and then made the decision.  This happens all the time. In China, businesses tend not to talk business until they’ve built rapport and spent time with that person first.  It’s rather offensive to talk business too early.

If decisions like this for your buyer, mean they have to have several conversations, several visits, thinking time, checking out other houses, and only when they’ve spent circa 7 hours thinking about your house, they actually choose to put in that offer, wouldn’t it be better if your agent spent much of that time with them?




As mentioned above, viewings are always a hot topic.  It is on a viewing that your buyer falls in love. It is on the viewing that your buyers start to imagine their things in the home, their antique sideboard, their crystal vases and designer mirrors.  Only with thinking time, can they make a decision.  We will never rush a viewer round. This means; more feedback, more questions answered, more enthusiasm.  We have the time to do this, as we understand what it takes to get your buyers to offer.



Fewer fall throughs

While many sellers are concerned with the ‘getting on the market’ and ‘selling’, one often overlooked part is legally tying the sale together.  Did you know that the national average fall through of a home is a mighty 33%?  So your sale has a 1/3 chance of not completing?  Scary thought.  I have a dedicated member of staff, Corrie, who deals with the sales.  Her role is to get you through to exchange of contracts (where a sale is legally tied together) as quickly as possible. She’s our secret weapon and she is amazing at this.  You’ll need a Corrie on your side.  Here’s a quick one for you….Our fall through rate is less than 5%.  How’s that for a little comfort?




“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

Before we launch I have a comprehensive checklist to adhere to, to ensure that your home gets the right attention.  We launch when everything is perfect and not a moment before.  Our photograph appointments take between 2 and 4 hours, we carefully prepare each room for our exclusive magazine photographer.  We take time with the designer to get the brochure, designed to fit your home, so it looks its very best to attract.  We take care not to rush, taking time to do everything right the first time, makes the very best first impression.  As if it was our own.  Something this important and something with this significance, the outcome can change your life, you’d only want the very best, so that is what you’ll get.


A priority client ratio

Analysis continues post-launch.  Your care and the overall care of your sale takes time.  The ability to be generous with our time comes from having a smaller number of clients at any one time.  We can spend copious amounts of time monitoring that home down the street from yours, getting to know the buyers for the very best feedback, bringing them through your door because we’ve had more time to show them the true benefit of everything the home you have loved for so long, could be the one they need to see. You see, we have plenty of time for that.  We take every opportunity to delve into buyer’s reasons for moving selecting the right houses for them.  Wasting less time on homes they won’t buy giving them more time on those they will love from the second they step through the front door.



Adam’s view

My wonderful team are at their happiest when our clients are happy.  We only take the very best clients that fit us like a glove. Like a handstitched Rolls Royce leather interior, if we fit, we work. 


I’d love to meet you.  A home move consultation is complimentary, call us now on 01538 493333 and ask us to your home, you can see what all the fuss is about and make up your own mind.  It’s easy.


If you need one final reason to call; we are the very best and I can prove it….


Not only did we make it to the TOP 50 estate agents in the whole of the UK (to be specific we are ranked 47th out of 18,431 agents in the country) we also won Gold at the British Property Awards in the Staffordshire Moorlands. 




Whether you’re upsizing, adapting your current home or downsizing, we’re always very happy to chat through your options and lend our expertise to help you make the right move. Just give us a call on 01538 493333 or email us on sales@addisonmead.co.uk and we’ll get right back to you.