Your Home Deserves A Bespoke Brochure


As an exclusive estate agent, Addison Mead proudly adheres to what some may call old fashioned values and practices.

Integrity, professionalism and providing a truly personalised service are important to us. We believe that marketing tailored to meet your needs is the key to selling your property quickly and achieving the optimum price.

This is why we create a unique property brochure for every house we sell.



1) A bespoke brochure will perfectly showcase a unique property

We are an unapologetically selective estate agent who takes the utmost pride in presenting the individuality, personality and character of each of our unique properties. We are passionate about showcasing every house in its own glossy brochure which highlights the property’s exciting features and showcases the lifestyle on offer. Beautiful brochures are an integral part of our bespoke marketing service. Our elegant brochures grab the attention of potential buyers, pique their curiosity and inspire them to schedule a viewing. Property brochures result in our clients achieving more viewings and selling their homes faster. Perhaps that is why we have achieved our 100% customer satisfaction rating.


2) Bespoke brochures match a family with their perfect home

We remain excited about the beautiful brochures we create for our properties because we believe our mission goes way beyond simply selling bricks and mortar. Our property portfolios promote enviable lifestyles; show that aspirations can be achieved and that dreams really do come true. Our bespoke property brochures empower families to discover their perfect home and begin their lifetime of creating wonderful memories.


3) We showcase each stunning home in its own beautiful brochure

We give your property the space and treatment it deserves. Your personalised glossy brochure will contain up to 12 pages brimming with superb images that fully show the features and benefits of your house along with skilfully drawn floor plans and a beautifully written description that brings your house to life by painting a vivid picture of the amazing life up for grabs. At Addison Mead, we believe that anything less is merely mediocre marketing. Buyers are astute creatures who will notice when a seller and his estate agent don’t care enough to showcase the property well. If the estate agent hasn’t bothered to do a professional job, buyers will simply not be inspired to view your property.


4) Thrown together property leaflets are worthless

I have no doubt that a beautiful brochure showcasing your home greatly increases your chance of selling it. Some estate agents mistakenly believe that throwing together an A4 leaflet containing of a couple of drab photos and a few basic details constitutes a property brochure. Whilst this may suffice for selling for a run of the mill terraced property in a low key neighbourhood, an impressive family residence in a desirable location definitely deserves more love, effort and commitment. Even the most stunning property located in glorious surroundings won’t attract buyers if the estate agent’s marketing efforts run to little more than a hastily thrown together leaflet printed on a standard office printer. Poor marketing really does deter people from viewing and ultimately purchasing properties.


5) You cannot oversell a fabulous property

You may have been warned off ‘overselling’ your property and advised to set buyer’s expectations low so that they are wowed when they view your property. This is a risky strategy and one to be avoided. Underselling a property reduces the number of viewings and usually results in a longer selling period. As the average buyer views around a dozen properties prior to putting in an offer on one, your property needs to be made memorable. A stunning professionally produced brochure will make your property stand out from the rest.


6) Bespoke brochures effectively sell unique homes

Most property searches begin online these days but digitally displayed properties often appear bleak, neglected and lifeless. Our brochures are designed to bring your property to life, attract buyers and compel them to see for themselves the value they will gain from purchasing your home. They are a vital connection between you and potential buyers Our bespoke brochures overcome the challenges of highlighting a property’s individual characteristics, unique charm and quintessential features prior to a viewing. We expertly bring your property to life in a lovingly created brochure that is warm to touch, beautiful enough to share with family and friends and precious enough to be kept as a lasting memento. Holding a physical brochure is so much more personal and satisfying than viewing data on a smartphone or laptop.


7) Brochures create the pull to purchase

Exclusive holiday companies, upmarket designers and luxury car makers all present their products in attractive glossy brochures which paint an exciting picture and create the desire to buy. We believe that purchasing a property has a more profound impact on your lifestyle and therefore warrants exceptional marketing.


8) Creating superb property brochures is our passion

Ever tried calling an estate agent to request a property brochure? Chances are you were told, 'sorry we don’t send out hard copies’ and instructed to download a printable copy from the website. If you were incredibly lucky the agent may have grudgingly posted you a drab copy printed on the office printer and made out he’d done you a great favour. As a professional estate agent who takes immense pride in personally marketing my client’s properties, I view sending out a scruffy property leaflet as a failure rather than a favour. It’s my opinion that printed property details should neither be branded as ‘hard copy’ or viewed as an out-dated form of marketing. Research shows there is still great value in physical paper marketing. In fact in this digital era people often derive even greater pleasure from turning the pages of a beautiful glossy brochure they can hold in their hands. Call me old-fashioned if you like, but I am proud of our traditional values which have allowed us to sell properties where previous agents have failed.




If you would like one of our complimentary marketing packs, please email me direct on and I'll personally send one the very same day.