Discreet Marketing


What is discreet marketing?


As it says on the tin, marketing that is quiet or undetected. Though it may seem like an oxymoron, discreet marketing is in fact a very useful ploy for many vendors. Not all vendors want it publicly known that they are looking to sell their property; this can be for a number of reasons, but the bottom line is that this wish would rule out the use of internet marketing, property portal listings and the use of For Sale boards- it will not however, rule out entirely the marketing of a property!


This is where discreet marketing comes in; at Addison Mead, we have the privilege of taking on an abundance of exclusive and unique properties, we also pride ourselves in getting to know clients and what they are looking for in their next move- these two components allow us to reach out to clients whom we think would be interested in a particular property should a vendor want to sell discreetly.



Why discreet marketing?


Discreet marketing has many advantages to both vendors and purchasers. For vendors, these include:


  • Avoidance of over-exposing a property which may adversely affect its desirability
  • Controlled viewings; where by only select candidates are considered for viewings
  • Eradicating any sensitivities that clients may feel towards other agents; such as those that were not instructed or an agent that the client purchased from in the past
  • A better marketing route; if a property is undergoing refurbishment or construction online photographs may not show the true extent of the property’s full potential
  • Possibly a quicker sale- if a vendor wishes to discreetly market their property and we have purchasers who match that property’s specification, we can commence proceedings immediately.



For purchasers, registering your interest with Addison Mead can save you many hours of trawling through the internet looking for properties that fit your criteria; the team at Addison Mead will do the leg work by notifying you when properties matching your criteria become available. In addition to this, many buyers will welcome the privilege of being one of the select few candidates considered for a discreet sale; maintaining exclusivity throughout.